Meguiars Ultimate Starter Kit

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Meguiars Ultimate Starter Kit

Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax 473ml

Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax is the perfect way to clean and shine your car’s finish in-between regular waxing, boosting your protection, glossiness and shine! Meguiar’s  premium carnauba wax and synthetic polymers provide protection and shine while you wash. Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax is compatible with all Meguiar’s wash and waxes.

Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax 473ml

  • Hybrid carnauba/polymer wax protection.
  • Incredible sudsing action safely lifts dirt & grime.
  • Enhanced gloss and shine in one easy step.

To get the best results from Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax 473ml, use at a dilution rate of 128:1 (water:product), which equates to 100 ml in a PB Clear Wash Bucket (each bottle contains enough shampoo for approximately 14 washes). Simply add the correct amount of shampoo to your suds bucket and then fill rapidly to the top with warm tap water. If your water pressure is low and relatively few suds are produced, blast some cold water into the bucket with your hose – this will quickly generate more suds.

Meguiars Clay Kit

Meguiars Quik Clay Starter Kit. Tree sap, overspray and industrial fallout are just a few of the  contaminants  that  bond to your paint’s finish, making it ‘gritty’ and lacklustre. Meguiar’s  Quik  Clay  Starter  Kit will quickly and safely restore a smooth-as-glass finish. Polishes and waxes then apply and wipe off in less time with dramatically improved results

Meguiars Ultimate Starter Kit

Meguiars Ultimate Compound

Meguiars Ultimate Compound Safely restores the colour and clarity to abused and neglected finishes withMeguiars Ultimate CompoundMeguiars revolutionary formula and exclusive micro-abrasive technology cuts as fast as harsh, gritty abrasive compounds, but without scratching a vehicle’s paint or clear coat finish.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound reduces the time and effort needed to remove defects and improve paint’s appearance, when compared to traditional rubbing and polishing compounds. Meguiars Ultimate Compoundquickly removes oxidation, light scratches, water spots, light bird dropping etching, and stains.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound. Our new abrasive technology quickly removes stubborn oxidation, stains, bird dropping blemishes and other sub-surface defects while polishing the surface to a mirror finish. Meguiars Ultimate Compound is unlike traditional rubbing and polishing compounds that scour the surface, our new clear coat safe micro-abrasives produce an amazingly clear finish that is free from scratches, hazing and swirls. Whether working by hand or with our DA polisher, Meguiars Ultimate Compound is the perfect choice to prepare your paint’s surface for your favourite Meguiars

Meguiars Ultimate Polish

Meguiars Ultimate Polish is the final step before waxing for maximum gloss and reflectivity. Rich polishing oils add a deep, rich, wet look to paint especially on dark coloured cars. For best results this should be followed by Ultimate Wax.

  • Rich Polishing oils add a deep, rich, wet look paint.
  • Perfects the paint prior to waxing.

Meguiars Ultimate Wax Liquid

Meguiars Ultimate Wax Liquid. Meguiars Ultimate, our bar is simply higher.

This is our most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax which offers our longest lasting protection. New synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that amplifies reflections for incredible depth & mirror-like shine, without leaving white residue on plastic and rubber. Meguiar’s Thin Film technology makes application and wipe-off effortless, even in full sun!
Our most advanced pure synthetic hydrophobic wax.
This Film technology makes application the easiest, even in full sun

Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax Liquid should be applied by hand. For best results, apply it to freshly polished paint using the supplied foam applicator pad (try to avoid getting it on unpainted trims, but if you do then there’s no need to worry, as it’s designed not to stain them, even if it’s left to dry). Only 2-3 pea-sized drops of product are required per panel, and these should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible to produce a film that should then be buffed off immediately using the supplied microfibre buffing towel (there’s no need to allow it to dry fully before it is removed; if you do you may find it more difficult to remove).

Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer

Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer is a revelotionary mist and wipe product that works like a spray detialer while enhancing wax protection. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology delivers an incredibly high surface tension which addds protection and causes water to bead relentlessly – wash after wash! Perfect for removing dust and fingerprints, Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer leaves and ultra slick, ultra-dark finish and is safe on all paint finishes.

  • The missing link between washing and waxing.
  • Instantly restores your show car perfect finish
  • Beads relentlessly – wash after wash.

Meguiars Ultimate Black

Meguiars Ultimate Black Dash & Trim Restorer. No longer do you have to settle for protectants that last only days. Utilising break-through UV clear coat technology,  Meguiars ultimate Black has a  superior UV protection & shine that significantly outlasts conventional protectants. This powerful protectant creates rich shine & darkness on interior surfaces such as dashboard and door panels and brings new life to exterior trim and mouldings.

  • The ultimate in long lasting UV protection.
  • Dries fast and is non greasy.
  • Withstands washing and rain on trim without streaking.

Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfibre (Single)

Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfibre (Single). This incredibly plush Meguiars supreme shine microfibregives amazing results. The thick, dual-sided microfibre pile absorbs three times more than traditional terry towels and the fibre structure reduces the effort needed to remove product residue. Safety edging eliminates the potential for scratching. Machine washable

  • The easiest and fastest way to remove polishes, waxes and spray detialers.
  • The ultimate wipe off  towel for producing show car perfect results on paint, glass, plastic and chrome.

Meguiars LambsWool Wash Mitt

Meguiars LambsWool Wash Mitt. Our lambswool wash mitt will pamper your paintwork and is ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily. Gentle washing action of genuine lambswool is much better than sponges and conventional wash mitts – on the reverse side there is a special, non-abrasive bug remover.

Meguiars LambsWool Wash Mitt

  • Soft and gentle lambs wool.
  • Reduces the risk of scratching and is clear coat safe.
  • Unique bug remover.
  • Lifts and traps dirt and grime
  • Lightweight & easy to use

Meguiars Soft Foam Applicator Pads

Meguiars Soft Foam Applicator Pads pack of two. These pads are ultra soft and use a tight cell structure to offer safe and even application of product on a variety of surfaces. Very easy to use and handy size. Machine washable.

  • Soft foam for smooth application of lotions, gels, dressings and protestants.
  • Ideal for use on all leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces.
  • Pack of two
  • also available in a microfibre twin pack (even coat applicator pads)

Poorboys DB-DA900 900 Dual Action Polisher

This 900W Dual Action Polishing Machine is ideal for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. The machine makes light work of swirl marks and scratches to give much better results than polishing by hand.
The Poorboys DAS 900W Polisher can also be used to apply any of your favourite Poorboy’s World Waxes, Glazes or Sealants.
With a 900W motor, the Poorboys World Dual Action Polisher is the one of the most powerful Dual Action Polishers on the market. It comes with a UK 240v plug and is fully CE marked.
Other features include:
– Variable Speed 2500-6800 OPM
– 125mm (5″) backing plate
– Extra Long 5m Cable
– Poorboys World Embroidered Storage Bag
– Spare Carbon Brushes
This versatile polishing machine comes with a full years warranty (return to base) and is fully CE Marked. Please note that pads and polish are not included and will be required in order to cut or polish paintwork.
Create a professional paintwork finish in only a fraction of the time!

Meguiars 6″ Soft Buff Foam Cutting Disc


Meguiar’s new innovative low profile Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting 5″ & 6″ pads are optimized for advanced cutting results from increased pad and DA polisher efficiency. Improved foam technology cuts through moderate surface defects with no swirls.
  • Improved foam technology cuts through surface defects with no swirls
  • The perfect pad for application of compounds and paint cleaners

Meguiars 6″ Soft Buff Foam Polishing Disc


Meguiars new innovative low profile soft buff DA foam polishing 5″ & 6″ pads are optimised for advanced polishing results from increased pad and DA polisher efficiency. Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects while restoring gloss with no swirls.

  • Improved foam technology, Eliminates minor surface defects, whilst restoring gloss with no swirls.
    The perfect pad for application of polishes.

Meguiars 6″ Soft Buff Foam Finishing Disc


Meguiar’s new innovative low profile Soft Buff DA Foam Finishing 5″ & 6″ pads are optimized for advanced finishing results from increased pad and DA polisher efficiency. Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects while restoring a luxurious high gloss finish with no swirls.
  • Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects whilst restoring a luxurious high gloss finish. The perfect pad for wax application.

Meguiars Ultimate Starter Kit our best kit to get anyone started..


And don’t forget you will also receive a Meguiars Kit Bag FREE OF CHARGE worth over £20